Game Fishing Trips in Phuket

Game fishing in Phuket Thailand - What is it?

Blue water game fishing off Chalong Bay, on the east coast of Phuket Island, can be a relaxing day out - if you're unlucky. It can also be an adrenaline charged day of hope, frustration, jubilation, and pure excitement.

Picture yourself holding a rod that is bent and bucking while you try to control something big and strong in the sea, made out of pure muscle at the other end of a thin nylon line.

If you get really lucky you can get a feel of an underwater express train strip 500 metres of line off your reel in seconds. Pump and wind to the point of exhaustion recovering line metre by tortured metre then, when you think the fight is over, watch in horror as your line peels out once more, crackling under the strain...

What fish can I really catch?

You can expect to catch different fish at different seasons but there is action at any time of year.

All year around is tuna season here. Black Fin, Kawa-Kawa, Skip Jack and also Yellowfin tuna appear. The action is fast and furious when the tuna are 'on' and they are also great to eat!

Same goes to Barracudas which are mainly caught from the shores of the nearby islands.

Mostly in the last quarter of the year there is a fair chance to get a jackpot by finding and chasing Black Marlins that follow a warm, cobalt-blue current down from the Bay of Bengal and so is it also for catching and least getting a good look at the jumping Sailfishes of the Andaman Sea which follows from the first quarter of the year...

Though, fish being unpredictable animal, any of these fish mentioned, along with Wahoo, King Mackerel, Dorado and Giant Trevally can be caught at any time of the year...

What do I get?

- Included  54ft. vessel with fuel and crew, fishing gear, fishing guidance, soft drinks on board (bottled water/cola) and light lunch served on board around noon.

- Our game fishing trip starts about 8 A.M. from Chalong harbour, so you have time to enjoy your hotel breakfast before getting to the harbour and after all the group has reached Chalong Pier we go out to the Andaman Sea for fishing for all day.

Around noon, in the middle of the non-stop trolling, light lunch will be served (f.ex. fried rice with chicken)

We will return to the Chalong Bay around 5 P.M. , just before the sunset.

What do I bring along?

Bring somekind of hat to protect from the sun, sun lotion (min.30-50 UV protection rate), sunglasses (polaroid if you have them), easy to take off shoes, a camera and snacks and drinks of your choice if needed (Though, we have light lunch and bottled water/cola available on the boat, which are recommended in the hot temperature)

Bring good mood along also and please remember as we go for fishing, not for catch fish: One must remember that it is always about luck involved if can catch fish or not.

How do I book a fishing trip?

Easiest way to do it is to call my mobile phone and get latest info and updated rates for the trip!

Tel. +66 8 964 88 260


Best regards,
Harri Haatainen