about sauna and other services

We have steamy herbal sauna available for relaxation.

Long time ago when I first arrived Phuket, I had heard notorious stories about sauna and massage services in Thailand, but as a Finn and as a great sauna lover, after little while decided to take a chance and check out the local sauna and it's customs.

First of all Thais seemed to be more shy as some Finns with our sauna manners, and it is not allowed to get in to sauna naked. You need to wear sarong-cloth around you when getting into the warm steamy room. One surprise was that there were not any fireplace with pile of rocks on it, where to throw water to get steam in the room, Thais have a kind of boiler to develop steam outside of the building where they add some local herbs to get own scent mixed with the steam entering the sauna. These steamed herb fumes have believed to have many healing effects.

We have all the things you need for your sauna experience available: sarong-cloths, towels, soap and shampoo. You can also have different kinds of massages or treatments at our massage section of the sauna building and you could easily spend all day there between sauna and different treatments. If you would need something to eat or drink while enjoying,  you can get them  delivered from our restaurant beside.